David Nazar

David Nazar, Hypercel's Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer, is well known in the wireless and communications industry globally. He is best recognized for his market innovations and partnerships worldwide. An entrepreneurial spirit by nature and a corporate manager by conviction, Nazar was at the forefront of several technological breakthroughs, including the system architecture design of the first Motorola IC chip chargers, which have become a standard in the market place.

David Nazar began working in the electronics industry in 1984 in a startup company. In 1985 he became in charge of running a subsidiary location for the firm. In 1986, he founded "Auto Phone Fidelity", which became the pioneer in the Los Angeles area to solely focus on the retail sales cellular phones. In 1988 with soaring profits "Auto Phone Fidelity" was sold and shortly after he founded Cellular Telecom Corporation, a leading wireless distribution company. CTC focused on the wholesale trade of phones and accessories for Ericsson, NEC, Nokia, QUALCOMM, and Motorola to retailers, carriers, exporters, and dealers.

CTC's distribution services included inventory, logistics, and packaging plans. In just a few years sales soared to 60 million dollars. That company changed its name to Intellicell, prior to offering an IPO and becoming a publicly traded company.

In early 1995, he sold his shares of Intellicell and in the same year formed Hypercel Corporation dedicated to only wireless accessories. Hypercel has forged joint-venture partnership with several top accessory manufacturers in Asia, including factories dedicated only to manufacturing products for Hypercel. Hypercel's strength in the industry helped solidify strategic alliances to supply accessories to the major industry firms in North and South America.

In Hypercel's first year (1996), sales exceeded 32 million dollars.

Nazar has received many awards in the Wireless Industry. Included is an award from Dr. Clement C.P. Chang, Chairman of Taipei Sister Cities Committee, for all the support and commitment he has given to Taipei City Council.